Hakuba Alps Backpackers/Tracks Bar

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It had snow on the top of the mountains

It is soooo cold in Hakuba now.
I feel colder than middle of the winter.
It had snow on the top of the mountains yesterday.
I am not suprised.

We wiil have Halloweeen Party 1st of Nov.
We have new friends who plays DJ.
They will come to play music from Matsumoto.
I am looking forward to DJ play music...

Halloween Party
1st nov 7p.m.-
Entry Free
African Drum Live, Dj's music, Costume conpetition, and More

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BonFire and Kouyou

We had Bonfire again
We cooked Miso soup this time.
Also cooked mashumaro.
It was so fun.

Next Day is so beautiful day.
Air is so clear, mountain is so beautiful.

I went to Curry restaurant with my friends.
A little friends were playing so good,
Curry was so nice, I am still full and can not eat Dinner.

Then we went to Iyari wet field.
I went there in bigening of summer.
It was changed but still quiet and peaceful place.
Some of the trees are red and yellow.
So beautiful.
I had another good time in Hakuba.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lesly 00years old birthday

We went to Friend's birthday party.
Lesly who is BearsDan's owner's wife had a birthday dinner last night.
Our friends who live near her went there.
It was so athome and nice dinner.
Nice Lasagna, chicken pate, salada, soup, baked pampken,Tofu.....
Everyone bring something and caming so nice Dinner.

She baked Pavlova. I ate it in Australia, it was so sweet, I could not eat,
But It was so nice Pavlova that she cooked.
I became to like Pavlova.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yamazaki yamato & Sabakan Live

We had a live night
Yamazaki Yamato came and play music and Song.
His song are all original, and nice.
He played Djumbe, and other traditional instrumentals.

Also Sabakan played music, also so nice relax...

We had very nice music, and fantastic night.

Long Weekend-Thanks Giving Day, Bone fire,

It was so busy last weekend at the Tracks, And Soooooo Fun.
We organizing Canadian Thanks Giving Day Party at the tracks 11th Saterday.

Many people came for the Dinner, thanks. But I should cook more Turkey, I think people can eat but if I cooked more Turkey ,will be nice.
3bands played music,
The first Martin,Will,Shou. How come they do not have name yet????
The second Shiba who came from Kyusyu.

The third Semi on who came from Nagoya for tonight.

All band play good, people so enjoyed

We had Bone fire at the tracks.

It is getting cold in Hakuba so we enjoyed fire much.
late night people were playing music, keep drinking....
Relax night.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tsuguru Kitou & Gakideka Jag stompers Live

We went to Nagano at last night.
We went to see the Live Tsuguru Kitou who is Bruce Guiter singer, and Our Faverite Band Gakideka. The restraunt name is NoMiNO Ichi, which is Okinawa Fodd restraunt.

It was so good deal, 3800yen for Entry, food (a lot of Okinawa Food) and Nomihoudai(Free Drink)
My husband, his casuin who came yesterday morning , frind and I went by the car.
So I have to drive a car back, I could not drink but they are drink so much.
Food was fantastic, Live music was so fun.The Owner Chef is so friendly good cook.
We had excellent night.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Canadian Thanks Giving Day & Live

We are planing the party at Tracks Bar

Canadian Thanks Giving Day Party
We organize every year,
This is the fifth time.
We have live bands in this year

Semi On from Nagoya, Martin Will Shou From Nagano, Shiba from Fukuoka.

It must be nice party
I will cook Turkey and side dish. Also we will serve Wine, Desserts.
If anyone interesting to come to Hakuba, Please come next long weekend

11th Oct 2008,
Dinner starts 7p.m
Charge 2000yen for the dinner include Live .

Also we will have bornfire next day 12th
we have another band coming 13th
YamazakiYamato & Hiroshi Obiki
Entry Free.
They are very good artist, you must be enjoy them.