Hakuba Alps Backpackers/Tracks Bar

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Matsumoto Craft fair

It has Craft fair in Matsumoto today and tomorrow.
I went there with my friend today afternoon.
I saw a lot of Craft.
I did not realize such a big fair.
It is amazing all craft.
Also I wanted to see Live band that is why I went there.
One of our friends sister played there today.
I saw Video before and wanted to see them for long time.
The band name is Mikaguki soup.
The music name is Relax.
I am very happy to see them.

Also I saw funny band there.
It is Japanese old style show.
It made me fuun and laugh so much.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MojoHouse Live @ Tracksbar

We have a live band last night.
They played Blues, They came from Hokkaido, They speaks Funny stories.
So we have quite many customers came and enjoyed listening the live music.
Also we enjoyed working at the bar.
Non-chan came from Ogawa( that is next village of Hakuba) introduce the band name is Mojo House.
They are so nice people nice atmosphore. play very good.
I am glad to see them so much.
Thnak you Non chan and Kousuke...
Also Mojo brought another band No miss Guiters.
They played very good too.

We will have next live 28th June.
We have jug band Gakideka.
I never met them but heard about them so much.
They must play very well too.
I am luckey that I can work and join the live the same time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

aoni in Hakuba

I went to Aoni in Hakuba.
This is popular place among the peinters and the photographers.
There are many of them today even it is not weekend.
They might except plant rice already but it might be this weekend.
My friend told me somebody will be wearing Kimono and plant speacial Perple rice in Aoni this weekend.
It will be interesting.

I walked 1 hour around house with my friend.
I could see beautiful sky and green. I became 5 years yeanger today, I hope...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Relax Day

We went to Drive to next town Ohmachi city.
This is used to be Miasa Village means beautiful hemp.
There is more rice field and old house compare with Hakuba.
We went to Curry restaurant Aozora that is runing by Japanese family.
They supply organic curry that is nice and popular among people.
Then went to see rape blossoms which can be mastard oil.
Also went to Iriya marshland. It is first time for me. it tkaes just 30min. from Hakuba.
I had a very nice relax time.