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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gakideka Jug Stompers

They are so funny band. Gakideka Jug Stompers
They made people laugh, Dance, Sing...
I want they to come again soon.
They played different instruments , Jug, Washboard, Base made from Wash basin...Whistle made by Petbottle....

Thank you for coming everyone, and Gakideka Jag Stompers.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy but happy day in MIASA,OGAWA,NAGANO

We and our friends went to Miasa,Ogawa tour.
We made tour to see our friends.

We went to curry shop in Miasa that is 30min away from Hakuba.
I go to that restaurant often and always have satisfaction.
He keeps Ducks at rice field.

They stir rice field and stop glowing up weeds. Also they eat weeds.
When he call them `piyo piyo piyo' they came over to him.
I tryed to do it ,but it was not happened.

We went to new coffee shop in Miasa, that built by straw bails.
Boys were interesting in building, talking talking talking...

Then we went to see cows to Ogawa.
One of our friends is dairy farmer.
He has around 50 cows, Our friend used to be farmer in NZ, so he miss cows.
He looks so happy to see cows and smells cows....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jug band live 28th Saterday

We will have jug band live this Saterday.
They are quite famous in Nagano.
They will come from Iiyama which is 2 hours away from Hakuba.

Jug music has born in around1900 in south of America.
They made instromental by the washing board, jug(bottele), washing basin etc...

I have not met them, but I am very look forward to seeing them.
If you have a chance to come to hakuba please contact with me, and come to see them
tracks bar http://www.tracksbar.com

Monday, June 23, 2008

YuuHou Live at candle night

Yuu Hou came to Tracks
They are marrage cuple. Boy can do Joumon Kikou
I can not explain about it.
It is kind of massage, but it is hitting by hand Guu(fist)
He did to me on Saterday.
Alsomst part is Ok but I felt so much heart when he hit my hip and back.
So it means my hip and back has stress now.

Then they play music at Tracks Bar night time.
We were organized candle night.
It was so fantastic atmosphere, and nice relax music.

We had very good relax night.

Friday, June 20, 2008

sabunyuma workshop

Our big friends Sabunyuma came 14th Saterday at Tracks bar.
They played and showed each other.
Also it was birthday for 2 of them.
Mami made cake and we song happy birthday.

The next day Sabunyuma leader Take and Sayaka came and did workshop.
They did in Near the rever in Hakuba.
So beautiful place and not so hot.

Also we did BBQ for the lunch

We had very good time.
I like Hakuba summer very much.

My friend's Mana-chan 6 y.o.birthday

8th of June we went to next village Ogawa,Ohdou-kougen for friend's birthday.
She became 6 years old.
Many kids came for the BBQ but mostly mother,father and us were eatingBBQ
It was first time to go to Ohdou-kougen for me. We can see Hakuba 3 peaks for the hill.
The place is clean, convinience, easy to cooking.....

Mana-chan 's mother organized Tie dye, we made T-shirts, It was good experience.

Also we went to see cows friend's firm.
They have 50 cows there, it was big face much more than me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Live The Takeda-Gumi & Uki

We had A live band last night.
Japanese 2 boys band came from Hokkaido.
The name is THE TAKEDA-GUMI.
They play Hertful Rock.
They play very well and the song is funny.
Also very nice personality.

Another band is 3Japanese girls unit name is Uki.
I had heard about them many times but never met them.
It was very nice to see them last night.
2 girls play Didjeridu also one of them sometimes sings, she has very nice voice, give us healing.
Another girl plays percussion Djumbe, Bongos, Whisle etc.

I was so much enjoying last night.

Monday, June 02, 2008

wedding at Kamakura

We went to Kamakura that is 1 hour from Tokyo for Freind's Wedding.
I went to Shinjyuku by bus, it takes 4and half hours.
It was Ok I do not have to change the train so I was slept a lot in the bus.
Tokyo is big city, I feel like come to oversea. became INAKAMONO.

I stayed near Kamakura station. There is shurine near the hotel.
Some Japanese couple had wedding at the shurine.
It was so nice to see them.

Raining on the wedding day. We went to Kamakura which is nice resort near Tokyo.
It was very nice heartful wedding.
Bridegroom came from NZ , Bride from Japan.
The guest were mixed, the laughege are mixed too.
It was fun and peaceful warm.
They chice nice food, nice wine, etc....We are drunk a lot, ate a lot, laugh a lot..
We are so glad to join the party.
congratulations Tom Yuko & Hugo...