Hakuba Alps Backpackers/Tracks Bar

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eco House & Wedding & Indian Dance

One of Our friend bought a house in Nagano.
That is Old Japanese Style House.
He is renovating himself.
He loves Japanese Antique.
Also he keen to build Eco house.
It will be so nice house, I am looking forward to see it when it will be finished.
This is Eco toilet....

We went to firend's wedding which have pension in near us.
They organizing the wedding by themselves.

They had selemorny at the garden and party at their house.
It was homely and haertful party.
I enjoyed very much.

I went to see live at Miasa.
The guy Keijyu who is living in Thailand played guitar and The girl Ami who is living India half a year danced Indian style.
It was fantastic live.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tracks Session night

We had a Session night on Saterday.
We started BBQ at behind Tracks bar from 4p.m.
It was hot day so makes me drinking beer easy...
People brought own food, a lot of foods there. Eat Drink Eat Drink....

The session night started 7p.m.
I do not know about music much so Martin and Will were organizing for us.
Many people came more than I excepted.
People enjoyed playing music and listening music.

I think we will have a session night often
We had a very good night.

One thing I regretting.
That is the one I ate Ramen after party.
It is bad hobit in Japn.
Because My friend remindof me Ramen, Some friends went to convine for me, I worked at the bar, BraBraBra....,
I make it sure Ramen bacame my fat.

Anyway It was nice night .
Thank you everyone for coming.
Thank you Martin and Will.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The little dog Chock

One of my friends Mami keeps dog Chock
He is 3 months old labrador retriever.
He still young cannot walk long way.
Mami played with dog, she pretends to be a mother dog.
She is so funny.

We went to weeding to the top of the Hakuba Goryu.
There are Sanyasou Garden. Sanyasou is special flower that is staying high mountains.
It is quite hard to find weed or Sanyasou.

They are building the rock garden on top of the Alps Daire.
It will be done next year.

We brought lunch and had on the top.
I had a good time on the summer mountain.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Akashina Out door Event

We went to Akashina which is 40min by the car from Hakuba.
Some of our friends was organizing the free event there.

Several bands played, Dance, and Butou guy played...

We brought lunch. It was so hot yesterday. We used camping sheet but it was mistake.
The sun reflected, it became hotter...

There are small beautiful river just next place.
We went to put our legs, let played the dog.

This dog is still 2 month old.

The Japanese Druming group played at last.
After that we had Yoga lesson.
After dark, we could see HOTARU (firefly).

It was long day , hot day, nice day.