Hakuba Alps Backpackers/Tracks Bar

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Christmas party

We are dumping snow last night...
We had second Cristmas party at the Aqua Alpine Hotel.
It was so nice confertable hotel at Goryu.
We joined their Christmas Party 25th.
Nice food, nice piano live, nice people.
And resnable.
We had very relax, nice time.

Christmas Dinner and Birthday

We had a Christmas Dinner party at Tracks Bar.
Troy's sister Judell and our friend Seser helped me cooking a lot
We cookind soup, turkey,rumb, duck,checken,roast vege.....
Judell brought Christmas cracker and pudding fromNZ.
She is cooking expert so we had very nice roast.

Also african drum band and other band came and played.
so much fun.

It was my birthday.
People sung birthday and gave me a cake.
it was nice day.....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our family came fromNZ

This is This years Kanji that is Many Japanese chice discribe about 2008.
It is strange for me.
Actulley this Kanji means Strange, Change, Unusual,etc...
This Kanji for HEN NA GAIJIN....

Troy's sister Judell and her doughter Pip came to Japan.
We are so excited to see them
They brought a lot of Christmas pudding and craker
We will serve tomorrow Christmas dinner at the bar.....

So they came Kansai airport, we went to Kobe that night and Kyoto next day.
We do not have a much time so could not see much.

We will have nice Christmas holiday at Hakuba.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Magazine photo

We have a magazine guy came and took photoes.
The same day as Chu-hi night.
So many people came to Tracks bar and help to took the photoes.
Thank you.

Dj soulza who came from Brazil and used to work in Nagoya moved in front of us.
He played 3or 4 times at new years party of Tracks bar.
Also he will play this new years party too.
He played yesterday. so it is very nice atmosphere


Thank you for coming yesterday.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

We opened Tracks bar regulery

We starts opening Tracks bar everyday.
Our season has started.
New staff Adam has arrived just good timing.
He is funny guy please come and check him...

He went to mountain and took photoes for me.
It is beautiful isn't it?