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Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow Night with Candle Light

We have a candle night Event at Cafe Arriba Arriba.
Trataka is kind of Yoga.
This time we have a Trataka with Candle Light.

The first, Eye's exercise. then start Trataka with Candle Light.
People are dropping the tears. looks so refresh.
Everyone talked nice feeling after Trataka.

Then we have a some dinner, talking relax.

I could not join Trataka this time,
I very want to join and dropping all my tears next time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

FIFA World Cup

Troy finished build Terrace, in front of the Cafe ArribaArriba.
It is so nice. I love having BBQ at the Terrace.

So we had BBQ chicken at the Terrace and watching the Game at the cafe.

Japan lost the game but I think they did good job against Netherlands.
I hope we beat Denmark next game.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ZaZa Art Festival

We had a Great party last weekend.
ZaZa Art Festival....
One of our friends Krissy organizing and ask to All Nagano Jet Teacher.
Many people came to Our new cafe ArribaArriba.
Troy organized Terrace and Rail for the pictures.
The cafe became the museum.

We had Shell Lumps, Japanese Paper Craft, Photos, Pictures, Stained glass,Candle,Hanga,
Japanese Flower Arrangement,....

Also we have workshop ( African Djumbe,Dance, Pop Canspeaker)

Then having Live stage at the Night and BBQ.

We had a Yoga Class next Morning.
We had a Great time.
Thank you every one for coming to ZaZa Art Festival.
We want to have again...