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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy but happy day in MIASA,OGAWA,NAGANO

We and our friends went to Miasa,Ogawa tour.
We made tour to see our friends.

We went to curry shop in Miasa that is 30min away from Hakuba.
I go to that restaurant often and always have satisfaction.
He keeps Ducks at rice field.

They stir rice field and stop glowing up weeds. Also they eat weeds.
When he call them `piyo piyo piyo' they came over to him.
I tryed to do it ,but it was not happened.

We went to new coffee shop in Miasa, that built by straw bails.
Boys were interesting in building, talking talking talking...

Then we went to see cows to Ogawa.
One of our friends is dairy farmer.
He has around 50 cows, Our friend used to be farmer in NZ, so he miss cows.
He looks so happy to see cows and smells cows....


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