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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tracks Session night

We had a Session night on Saterday.
We started BBQ at behind Tracks bar from 4p.m.
It was hot day so makes me drinking beer easy...
People brought own food, a lot of foods there. Eat Drink Eat Drink....

The session night started 7p.m.
I do not know about music much so Martin and Will were organizing for us.
Many people came more than I excepted.
People enjoyed playing music and listening music.

I think we will have a session night often
We had a very good night.

One thing I regretting.
That is the one I ate Ramen after party.
It is bad hobit in Japn.
Because My friend remindof me Ramen, Some friends went to convine for me, I worked at the bar, BraBraBra....,
I make it sure Ramen bacame my fat.

Anyway It was nice night .
Thank you everyone for coming.
Thank you Martin and Will.


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