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Monday, June 29, 2009

Matsumoto Frog Fes

I went to Matsumto Nawate Street
They have a fron fes every year.
I missed the chance every year but Dream cimes true....

Shigeharu Swamura and Gakideka made nice stage.
They are real entertaments.

Kouji Motoki is Buto Dancer who is loving Matsumto
His performance is original very much.
If you see his paformance , you can not forget .

Off cource, Subunyuma is very cheer up paformance.
Thier smaile makes people happy.

I did not know Gama Zamurai can move.

Frog fes is more handmade fes.
Makes us warm feeling.
Nawate Steet is nice street.


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