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Saturday, June 27, 2009

one day trip to South of Nagano

I went to Ina with local ladies.
Kosmos no kai is the group who are looking after flower garden in front of our house.
Everyine is interesting in Gardening.

I joined them and went to factory of Kanten(it gelatin made by seaweed.)
One of the hotel owner took us by his bus.

Kanten is very good for your health and diet.
That is no calorie a lots of fiber
I bought a lot of foods there.
I hope it works for me....

This company is quit saccessful in Nagano.
The factry has the beautiful gerden.
The worker are looking after the garden by themselves.
They looks prode of the company.
we had a walk and had a lunch there.
That was beautiful lunch. Every meals has Kanten.

I bought Ajisai flower there.

Then we went to 2Rose Gardens in Takatou.
The both is entry free. I was wondering how they can look after the garden by free.

The last parts are most exciting for ladies.
We went to cheap flower shop. I bought a lots of Flower,
I never done gardening, these ladies gave me a lot of advice.
So I can not let the flower wither.
I am afreid of local ladies....


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